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Carbon Adsorption & De-adsorption

What is Carbon Absorption?

Instead of exhausting small amounts of solvent into the atmosphere effectively harming the environment and your profits, you can cycle this exhaust through our Carbon Adsorption system. The activated carbon in the system effectively adsorbs the solvent from the air dramatically reducing solvent losses. These systems will not only keep you compliant with increasingly stringent environmental legislation but it will also save you money.

"So what happens when the carbon media cannot adsorb any more solvent?"

This depends on the system you purchase. Either a de-adsorption program can be run so that the adsorbed solvent can be regenerated and reclaimed and the activated carbon is ready to adsorb more solvent or you simply replace the activated carbon and send your spent carbon off for regenerating.

Carbon Absorption Features

CC Hydrosonics supplied us with a hermetically sealed, automated, solvent cleaning system. Production is up and our parts have never been so clean! Not only that, the machine will practically pay for itself within a few years due to the savings we are making on expensive solvents!

- Procurement Manager

 Case Study : Rotors
 News : Trichloroethylene
 Case Study : F1 Gearbox
component cleaning

A market leading Aerospace company contacted us with a requirement to remove internal light oils used in the manufacturing process of their rotors. We supplied several custom made machines fitted with flushing and vacuum drying capabilities to achieve amazing results.


Trichloroethylene is now a Category 2 Carcinogen and carries with it a number of risk phrases including "R-45 Risk Phrase May Cause Cancer", "R36/38 - Irritating to eyes and skin" and "R67 - Vapours may cause drowsiness and dizziness". We can offer you a complient, fully enclosed system which will keep you legal and more importantly keep your operators safe!

gearox cleaning application

A world class Formula 1 team got in touch when they needed an enclosed solvent cleaner to clean the gear boxes they use in their Formula 1 racing cars. Their complex structure required a fully automated system with basket rotation.