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The Solvac T

Twin+ Sump Ultrasonic Cleaning & Vapour Degreasing

The Solvac T is a twin sump (or more) cleaning and degreasing system designed for sub-micron cleanliness levels. A typical system comprises of an ultrasonic cleaning stage, a secondary clean/rinse stage, vapour rinse and then finally freeboard dry stage.

The Solvac T comes equipped with Crest Ultrasonics patented high frequency, swept wave 132 kHz ceramically enhanced ultrasonic technology. Each sump can be individually configured to suit the specific application in terms of ultrasonic power and frequency.

The Solvac T is normally specified when sub-micron, high precision cleaning needs to be achieved. Multiple sumps achieve levels of cleanliness needed in high precision applications. The system constantly distils the solvent and cascades pure distillate from sump to sump.

Co-Solvent Cleaning

The Solvac T is also the system of choice for co-solvent cleaning applications. Co-solvents are used when you are dealing with particularly challenging levels of contamination such as heavy oils, greases, wax etc. It's also incredibly effective for removing flux from PCBs. In the first sump you would typically have a 50:50 mix of HFE and a Hydrocarbon Solvating Agent where the majority of the cleaning takes place. You then visit the second sump for an immersed HFE rinse, followed by a vapour rinse and then finally to the freeboard area for the components to dry.

The T1, T2 & T3

The range comes in 3 configurations. The T1, T2 and T3. The number in this model number represents the level of automation. The T1 is a completely manual machine. The T2 has a robot which processes the basket but the operator must load the basket on to the robot arm. The T3 is completely automated and usually incorporates conveyors from which the robot can shuffle multiple baskets through the system, increasing throughput and process times.

All 3 models come standard with pneumatically sealed lids (and doors on T3). The T3 model also incorporate our patented LoadLock Chamber which isolates the operator from the process tank at all times.

Here at CC Hydrosonics we understand that every application is unique. Sometimes a standard system will not be ideal, so let us design one that is!

Basket Sizes

Typical Applications


A family run company backed by a global, market leading corporation gave us the confidence we needed to upgrade our existing cleaning equipment.

- Managing Director

 Case Study : Rotors
 News : Trichloroethylene
 Case Study : F1 Gearbox
component cleaning

A market leading Aerospace company contacted us with a requirement to remove internal light oils used in the manufacturing process of their rotors. We supplied several custom made machines fitted with flushing and vacuum drying capabilities to achieve amazing results.


Trichloroethylene is now a Category 2 Carcinogen and carries with it a number of risk phrases including "R-45 Risk Phrase May Cause Cancer", "R36/38 - Irritating to eyes and skin" and "R67 - Vapours may cause drowsiness and dizziness". We can offer you a complient, fully enclosed system which will keep you legal and more importantly keep your operators safe!

gearox cleaning application

A world class Formula 1 team got in touch when they needed an enclosed solvent cleaner to clean the gear boxes they use in their Formula 1 racing cars. Their complex structure required a fully automated system with basket rotation.