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Ultrasonic Tanks

The Ultrasonic Cleaning Process

When ultrasonic energy is transferred into a cleaning solution cavitation occurs. Cavitation is the process of low and high alternating pressure phases. During the low pressure phase, vacuum cavities (microscopic bubbles) form. It is during the high pressure phase that the cavities violently implode. It is this implosion which results in an very effective scrubbing action. This intense scrubbing action is unrivalled in any other means of high precision cleaning.

Advantages of using ultrasonics are clear when you look at speed and consistency of the cleaning process. Frequency and power levels can be controlled and specified to suit a wide range of applications from small delicate precision components to large heavy duty industrial parts.

The Powersonic Benchtop Ultrasonic Tank

ultrasonic tanks The Powersonic Range inherit all the technological benefits and advantages from Crest Ultrasonic's 47 years experience of high precision cleaning in all industries. The ultrasonic tanks now incorporate Crest's patented ceramically enhanced industrial strength transducers. These transducers provide increased ultrasonic cleaning power, consistency and reliability compared to the competition's conventional, wafer type design.

The range comes in a variety of sizes and options and are accompanied by a large range of high quality accessories.

Have a heavy duty application? Check out our range of Industrial Ultrasonic Tanks.

How can I be sure that the ultrasonic cleaning power is evenly distributed throughout the tank and my cleaning results will be consistent?

Swept Wave Technology

The exclusive benefit from choosing Powersonic ultrasonic tanks is swept wave ultrasonics. This feature controls a sweeping ultrasonic frequency which effectively creates overlapping waves of ultrasonic energy. These overlapping waves eliminate any possibility of inconsistent cleaning results primarily due to "hot spots" or areas where the ultrasonic energy may be higher than in others. You will not find this sort of cleaning technology anywhere else so be sure to compare features when shopping around.


We also have a range of Industrial Ultrasonic Tanks for larger, heavy duty applications.

A family run company backed by a global, market leading corporation gave us the confidence we needed to upgrade our existing cleaning equipment.

- Managing Director

 Case Study : Rotors
 News : Trichloroethylene
 Case Study : F1 Gearbox
component cleaning

A market leading Aerospace company contacted us with a requirement to remove internal light oils used in the manufacturing process of their rotors. We supplied several custom made machines fitted with flushing and vacuum drying capabilities to achieve amazing results.


Trichloroethylene is now a Category 2 Carcinogen and carries with it a number of risk phrases including "R-45 Risk Phrase May Cause Cancer", "R36/38 - Irritating to eyes and skin" and "R67 - Vapours may cause drowsiness and dizziness". We can offer you a complient, fully enclosed system which will keep you legal and more importantly keep your operators safe!

gearox cleaning application

A world class Formula 1 team got in touch when they needed an enclosed solvent cleaner to clean the gear boxes they use in their Formula 1 racing cars. Their complex structure required a fully automated system with basket rotation.